DIY- scallop braid

1. set hair with setting spray and blow dry
2. add a few pieces of extensions for volume and height if needed
3. tease hair and brush over to one side
4. secure with bobby pins then twist pieces of hair back hiding pins
5. twist bangs back towards the pin and secure inward
6. braid hair and loosen side so it creates a scallop round shape
7. pin the tip inward and under hair

be creative & have fun!

mimi & taylor

photography | mimi & taylor
hair - makeup - wardrobe styling | m&t 
model | bryanna @ hmmodels


  1. Great post! Could you tell me where the red lace dress is from or who makes it? Thanks!

  2. Yes, please! I love this whole look! Who made this dress?

  3. Could you please please let me know where you found this stunning dress?! PLease .;-)

    1. I so agree. I must have one.

    2. It's the BCBG Norelia dress. If you Google it, you can probably find it for sale.

  4. Hello. I Love your site. I have a question regarding this post. Can you tell me what braid this is? I cannot tell from the picture and I would like to recreate it. Is a regular braid pulled to produce a scallop? or a specific braid? very interested..:)


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