DIY- classic 1950's

1. start this look by adding some mouse to wet hair and blow dry
2. set hair in velcro rollers
3. tease hair to create volume
4. smooth out hair and bring sides up and twist
5. secure with bobby pins
6. brush curls inward to enhance waves
7. pins the waves towards the neck
8. set with hair spray

be creative & have fun!

mimi & taylor

photography | mimi & taylor
makeup & hair | m&t
dress by | amy kuschel


  1. This looks really pretty. Do you have tips for pinning up the bottom. I'm worried I'll either 1. pin the curls too tight and they'll look flat and restrained, or 2. pin them too loose and they'll loose their curl throughout the day, ending up looking ratty... I suppose if you have tips for keeping curls in fine hair, that would solve the problem too!

  2. I dunno about adding a mouse, but maybe some mousse


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