DIY- eternity braids

1. divide two sections of braids on both sides of temple
3. braid 3 sections in back
4. twist the two front sides and braid towards the back
5. secure with bobby pins
6. over lap each braid and tuck ends under braids
7. braid towards the side of the neck
8. lightly loosen the braids
9. finish hair with soft spray

be creative & have fun!

mimi & taylor

a special thanks to myra, the creator of twigs & honey for letting us use her beautiful hair adornments. a must for all brides!

photography | mimi & taylor
hair - makeup - wardrobe styling | m&t team
model | bryanna @ hmm models
flower hair piece | twigs & honey

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful, ladies! So honored that you used a Twigs & Honey piece. Thank you!!! <3 Myra


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