DIY- depoting

want to save time and space? organize your goodies into one palette which will make your life so much sweeter. this cute gadget holds cream foundations, powders, blush, eyeshadow and even bronzers! we are currently  in love with Z Palettes because of it's versatile colors and sizes. a necessity for all makeup mavens and also makes a great gift for any occasions. stop by our salon and pick one up!

1. you will need a flat iron, spatula, magnets (comes with palette) & wax paper
2. gather your must have products
3. place wax paper under the compact to prevent  plastic from melting onto the flat iron
4. use a spatula to remove the upper layer of the compact holding the shadow
5. place the removed layer onto the flat iron again, this will melt the glue so the shadow will come out easily
6. use a spatula to remove the color. be careful not to push too hard which can cause the shadow to crumble
7. place your goodies onto the Z Palette !

be creative & have fun!

mimi & taylor

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