DIY- up & away


  1. start by adding some styling cream for hold
  2. add some curls half way down
  3. finger comb the hair to keep the soft texture
  4. tease the middle section for added volume and texture.
  5. focus the teasing on the top crown of the head
  6. brush hair and secure with a jumbo bobby pin
  7. layer small sections of the hair & pin it underneath
  8. repeat on the other side and pin it to a low ponytail using a large bobby pin.
  9. mist the hair with a medium holding hairspray
this style is perfect for any occasion. have fun and be creative!
    mimi & taylor

      1 comment:

      1. Odd question but at the end after u pull over the last bunch of hair u just pin it Kr do u out a pony holder in it to make it stay?


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