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Face Primer:  Available at Mimi & Taylor Salon

Sonia Dakar's pore minimizer not only minimizes pores, it works as a face primer and also keeps shine at bay. A must for all makeup users!  

If anyone had told me 14 years ago that my part-time hobby would become the foundation of an obsession that would become my career as a makeup artist, instead of the planned pixel-pushing in Silicon Valley, I would have died laughing. It was my first year in college, my first job in makeup, working a cosmetics counter in the Santa Clara Macy’s. This was fall, 1997. A simpler time, when advances were few, and innovation still held the capacity to impress a wide-eyed 17 year old kid. It was also the very first time I heard of foundation primers. My life was changing, as was everything I thought I knew about life, love, myself, and yes, makeup.

What I learned was this: Use Foundation Primer.

But what the heck is it, why should you spend extra on something that sounds like architectural painting supplies? Because, dear friends, it rules. Foundation primers are essentially preparatory cosmetic products applied after your favorite moisturizer and before your foundation base. They usually have a silky gel or lotion-like consistency, but aren’t oily and won’t dry out your skin. Applied over your beautiful face with fingers or a makeup sponge, the primers do what primers do best. They’ll smooth out the texture of your skin, fill in age lines, hide pores and prolong the wear of your makeup. Primers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, prices and it’s easy to find one to fit any face and budget. My favorite is Sonya Dakar Pore Minimizer, $48. Ready to wear everyday, it prevents your makeup from wearing off. Primers are highly recommended by all walks of the cosmetic industry for flawless complexion all day on your wedding day. They’ve changed the way we wear makeup. Less touch-ups, more living, laughing and loving.

When I first got into makeup 14 years ago, it was the autumn of my teenage years. But a fresh spring of knowledge was just around the corner, and it will be my pleasure to share it all with all of you.

-Sarah V,  M&T Resident Makeup-Artist

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